A message from our Founder:

Being involved in formal ministry since entering Seminary in 2013, I have seen the deep, overarching concern that so many have for their aging parents. (Or, in the case of seniors, concern for themselves as they age.)

For this reason, I founded Wellspring Senior Care as my ministry.

Aging can be difficult. Not only do the elderly face physical and, in some cases, mental challenges, they also face the emotional difficulty of living in a society that too often values people according to what they can produce. At Wellspring, we know that each person’s value is given to him or her by God, as the pinnacle of his creation. This value is intrinsic and immutable, and does not diminish over time. Wellspring carries this fundamental truth into each relationship we undertake.

Our purpose is to allow seniors to spend their golden years in their own homes, doing what they love, while enjoying the full dignity, respect, and sense of place that is theirs. We also provide their children the peace of mind of knowing that their parents are being fully loved and cared for, even when they are not physically present. For children who are present, our services allow them to spend true quality time with their loved ones, rather than on errands and chores.

We do more than the physical tasks that comprise our clients’ care plans. We come alongside the families in a most personal way, coming to know their stories, their concerns, and their most deeply held values. Only in this way can we fulfill our mission of making these elderly years enriching and truly golden. We would be delighted and honored to serve you or your family.

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James Malakoff

  • West Point Graduate; Former Army Captain (Honorably Discharged Veteran)
  • Columbia Business School MBA; Former Vice President, Lehman Brothers (New York City)
  • Redeemer Theological Seminary Graduate; Vice President, East West Ministries (Dallas)
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If you or your family member served in the military, please share this with me! My military experience was foundational in my life, and I greatly enjoy hearing others tell about their service. I will also help ensure you receive the VA benefits for homecare that you have earned. Many of these earned benefits go unused!

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Spiritual Care

Many seniors wish to attend spiritual services but are unable to leave home. For this reason, I lead a Sunday Bible Study by conference call. If you are interested in participating, please let me know! You do not have to be a client to participate. If you worship in a different faith and would like assistance finding spiritual support at home, I can help you find the appropriate resources.